Gladys Turner Scheytt

Vail, AZ


My love for photography began at a young age, I took a few photography classes in college but photography was put on hold to raise a family and change to a teaching career.
Today, in addition to being a 4th grade teacher, I am a nature and travel photographer currently living in Vail, Arizona.
Twelve years ago I was privileged to meet my husband, a travel and fine art photographer, who come along at the right time in my life. He reawakens in me the joy I had in photography when I was younger and I am actively pursuing my passion for photography one more time.
He encourages me and challenges me to strive to create a strong sense of creativity throughout my photographs. I take pleasure in bringing the images I capture to life.
I enjoy capturing the colors and textures of nature in the magnificent world around us. I am motivated by nature and influenced by the natural environment, flowers, scenery, and wildlife.
I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries and find an image that will bring you joy and a sense of serenity.
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Night Blooming Cereus by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Columbines by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Simplicity in Blue by Gladys Turner Scheytt


White Columbine by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Cacti Flower in White by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Columbine 1 by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Red Cacti Flower by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Night Blooming Cereus 2 by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Pink Orchid by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Pink Orchids by Gladys Turner Scheytt


Desert Flower 1 by Gladys Turner Scheytt